I am in 5a

I just completely removed the sod and now my backyard is like bald, only the soil that was left after cutting the sod (see my previous question for some pictures)

I think I have two options:
-rototill, level and grade and let it settle over the winter. This plan has the advantage that whatever weed and wild violets seeds were left in the soil will probably freeze and won't come up in the spring The seed early in spring, when the temps go above zero and the freezing is gone (add top soil)

-do a minimal grading and seed. Add topsoil. Level without compressing the soil(just use a gardener rake

Which is the best? There is a third option to rototill and try to get the seeds in (not adding any more soil)

  • Depends where you are - if its somewhere with very mild or warm winters, that's completely different from somewhere that always freezes with snow. – Bamboo Oct 18 '20 at 15:53

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