More than a month ago, I bought some kind of Pine tree. At the time, the all the branches and needle leaves were fine:

When I bought

The seller told me to water it twice a week. I did so. I keep the tree inside, next to the kitchen. The tree is not exposed to direct sunlight, it gets light indirectly.

But now, only the lowest branches are turning brown and their needle leaves are falling off.

Brown branches

What kind of Pine tree is my tree? How can I keep it healthy? I studied this post, but just thought I'd ask anyway, maybe pictures would help with diagnosis. Thanks!


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Looks to me like a Norfolk Island Pine. Here is a pretty good article on their care.

There's a good chart of problems and treatments. To summarize:

  • Drooping leaves, needles, or tips: Gradually move tree to get more light.
  • Drooping branches at trunk: Water more frequently or thoroughly
  • Overly dark needles: Gradually move tree to get more light.
  • Yellowing needles: Water less often, empty saucer
  • Brown needles: Increase humidity, keep from cold drafts and temps below 50F
  • Branch loss: Gradually increase water/light.

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