Is there a special pruning technique needed to achieve curly/spiraled branches of Sophora pendula like in this picture (image too large to upload, click the link to see it) or this:

enter image description here

My weeping sophora is grafted on 2m. The pruning is meant to be for the branches above the graft of course, those below will of course be removed immediately when they appear.

New branches are always drooping in the form of smooth arc that tends to "fall" to the ground (as you expect with a weeping cultivar). However, over time, as each year new branches grow from existing branches, they may take unexpected angle. No new branch is curly!

My question is how to achieve curly, almost spiraled branches, as in the photos? Or perhaps it just grows spontaneously like this over decades?

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    My advice is be patient and just let the tree do its own thing. – Peter4075 Oct 11 '20 at 14:42

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