I am planning to start growing using hydroponics. Unfortunately I'm unable to obtain fertilizers that are made specifically for hydroponics. However, I can get water-soluble fertilizers. The images of the fertilizers are attached. The one named Libro contains NPK + iron, and the one named Torofert contains Calcium, Nitrogen, Magnesium and Boron.

As you can see, the NPK formula is 20-20-20, while the calcium is 24% in the fertilizer named Torofert. Torofert also contains Nitrogen, which is 15%. I'm also going to add Epsom salt (contains Magnesium and Sulfur) to these two fertilizers.

Normally, people mix three fertilizers: first one contains NPK with a ratio of 4-18-38, second one contains calcium and nitrogen at a ratio of 15.5% Nitrogen and 19% calcium (no magnesium), and third one (Epsom salt) contains magnesium and sulfur.

Do you think the fertilizer mixes that I have are suitable for hydroponics? Will there be too much Nitrogen or Magnesium since each one of them is included in 2 of the 3 fertilizers? Do I need to consider anything else? enter image description here enter image description here


I don't think so. I had issues with missing trace elements when I first started with hydroponics. I think you need a complete solution, unless you are growing in soil as a medium.

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  • Thanks for the answer. What kind of issues did you have? Aside from the missing micro-nutrients, do you think that my overall Nitrogen levels (20 from Libro + 15 from Torofert = 35) would be too much? What about Magnesium and the fact that it is also coming from 2 sources? – Adam Sep 1 at 19:11
  • Also, can I add some mineral water to provide the missing trace elements? – Adam Sep 1 at 19:50
  • I used Geolite, which is ceramic. Lower leaves on all my different plants would yellow and drop off, while upper growth was great. Once I switched to a complete fertilizer, all was good. I am not sure on the mineral water. – Evil Elf Sep 2 at 0:12

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