I was wondering if anyone knows why my African Violet flowers are dying? I was thinking it is too much sun but not sure if anyone has had this issue and resolved it. enter image description here

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    – M H
    Aug 25, 2020 at 5:56

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Yes, African violets do not like too much direct sunlight, but based on the photo that is not the problem.

Brown spots on the leaves indicates you have spilled waters drops on the leaves, and they certainly do not like this.

Yellow leaves indicates that they have been soaking. Ideally, only supply water in the bottom of the pot/container, not on the top of the soil, and always remember to empty the container for water not absorbed by the soil 10 minutes after watering.


Diagnostically: Since your foliage isn’t scorched, you can rule out “too much sun” as the cause of your flower die-off, at least.

I hope others can give you more specific help! :)

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