My 3 year old Mango Tree has some kind of extension on it. What is it? Should I remove it or let it stay?this is the extension image

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    Good question & illustration; if could include an overall illustration, and closer illustration of the feature & of feature tops, feature size, if feature seems to be growing on the branch or if feature seems to be growing into the branch, overall tree height & leaf size, and the region, could also be helpful. We encourage you to take the Tour, and browse through the Help center, to learn more about how the site works! Thank you! Welcome to the site! – M H Aug 18 at 10:36
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    A ruler or some measuring tape in the picture not only adds some cool sciency note ;-) – Johannes_B Aug 18 at 13:17
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    Epiphytes, including orchids, are common on mango: duckduckgo.com/… – Wayfaring Stranger Aug 18 at 15:14
  • I wonder if this could be a type of growth called "witches broom." Witches broom is not a separate plant, rather it grows directly off of the original tree. It's usually a sign of disease. – csk Aug 18 at 20:05

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