I plan to realize some aerial water pipes (approximately 1 meter high from the ground), and was thinking that it would be nice to "naturalize" them by using instead half or top quarter removed pipes in which some plants could grow using the running water. I'll use either bamboos of plastic pipes, depending on what I can get my hands on, the goal being using between approximately 3 and 5 cm of diameter pipes. Could I grow something in those pipes ? The ideal plants would be (by priority) :

  1. Kinda flowery
  2. Having falling down leaves/flowers to hide the pipes.
  3. Somewhat edible

I don't mind putting a bit of soil held down somehow in the pipe. The pipe would get approximately 6 hours of sunlight daily, in a temperate weather (south of france, so think California style weather for an American comparison). The pipe will have a significant slope (about 15 degrees), although I could zigzag somewhat to reduce this if needed. The pipe will have a daily flow of water running through it since it will bring water to another area of my garden (I can adjust the amount of water at will).

If this is just a silly idea, I don't mind hearing it either ^^

Thanks !

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