I have noticed over the last week my Silver Spurflower leaves have started to go brown and start curling. They are in large containers and other plants in the containers have also been getting similar browning on the edges of their leaves.

I'm in the UK, Zone 7, they are east facing and get a lot of rain normally but we have had a dry patch recently when I was away.

Any advice would be appreciated.

browning silver spurflower

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    Aug 18, 2020 at 10:31

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This is a general sign of hot and dry summer days, many potted plants show this behavior. Here in the Netherlands we just recently had a very hot and dry period for more than a week (heat wave), and I have some potted plants too with brown edges.

This is caused by the combination of drought and heat. Even if you water the plants daily, it is still not enough for the plant to take it up. Some plants are more prone to this than others. You can try to prevent it by putting it in the shade next time when dry and hot weather is coming.

For now, your plants will survive, if you want you can remove the affected leaves when enough new healthy leaves are formed.

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