I have two 2 years old avocados. Sadly, they weren't feeling well last few months: leaves started to drop and side branches started eventually to dry out. After massive googling a root rot due to overwatering was identified. For now one avocado has no leaves and already has branches that slowly dry out. The other still has three medium leaves on top.
I read, that avocado root rot is mainly treated by removing the soil, cutting off infected roots and transplanting to a new light and well drained soil. In one video a guy also suggests cutting the top of the stem to help a plant retain moisture, while it can not properly take it from the soil. A couple websites mentioned limestone, gypsum and potassium phosphite as a possible cure for root rot. Also several guides used peroxide to treat root rot by pouring a loose solution of it into the soil, but they mentioned that it may affect the whole pot biosystem and lead to unexpected consequences.
What I am thinking to do is to put the trees in water after cleaning the roots. Probably adding some peroxide will help killing fungus and provide roots with oxygen.

What of the abovementioned could be applied against root rot? What could be other methods to cure root rot?

Another worrying thing is that the trees no longer have the pits, which could serve as a "nutrients backup". Thus, cutting the top of the stem may seem a good idea, but could also be too much stress for a weakened plant. I would appreciate a comment about this concern a as well.

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