Couple days ago my Jade plant suddenly shed some of its healthy leaves. The plant itself looks pretty good, no sign of over/underwatering. So I was a bit puzzled when it shed quite a lot of its healthy leaves. The cuts are clean, though.

I kept the leaves to be used for leaf propagation. So I kept it indoor, in my room (air-conditioned but not very cold), away from the sun, waiting for them to callous.

However, after few days, the leaves turned out like this: enter image description here

I usually see this on severly sun-burnt Jade leaves. So I am a bit confused as to why it happened when stored indoors.

Or is this completely different problem?

The place I live has very high humidity. The mother plant was stored in shadier place on West-facing balcony with hot afternoon sun (no direct sub, but still bright). Tropical climate.


Pic of the mother plant:

enter image description here

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