I bought these three ferns at the same time. They came in 10cm pots so I planted them in 20-30cm pots. They are in a shady location with a limited amount of sunlight for some of the day.

I water them once a week just a little bit as the soil seems to stay damp for a while. I make sure the soil isn't waterlogged.

They grew a little when first planted, but since then they haven't grown at all, and the new growth seems to die or be generally unhealthy.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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They may be too dry, and the soil may be too fluffy & dry. Maybe try misting them also. Ferns often do better with more moisture & humidity than these seem to show. Also, maybe try carefully remove expired material. They may need different soil. They may have been given too much nutrient before they were purchased; new soil might help alleviate that also. And some gravel etc in the bottoms of the containers to assist with drainage. Good question & good illustrations!

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