I've planted these sweethearts from seeds around 4-5 years ago. I live in a high humidity, fairly mild climate without much sun. I've kept these mostly indoors by window sills and for the past 1.5-2 years they've been by cornering window sills facing west and north (I know they're not the best but that's all the windows I have).

I think I had over watered them for a while, and the soil was full of fungus gnats, so about a month ago I took them all out of soil and sterilized the soil in oven (low heat and about 30 minutes to avoid burning). I also sprayed neem oil + soap + water mixure all over the plants to kill any other existing larvae. I then got an 8 liter pack of citrus soil and mixed it with the existing soil and repotted them. I also took the advice from the guy in the store to keep them outside during summer. It got very windy and stormy a couple of times and I ended up bringing them inside, but a few weeks and one of them has turned very yellow. The roots seem ok but the leaves don't look fine.

  1. Is there any chance I could bring this yellowing darling back to life? small citrus tree dying

  2. What about the yellow leaves on these other ones?

yellowing leaves on citrus tree

yellowing leaves on citrus trees P.S. I use citrus feed every now and then when I'm watering them, but as I mentioned, I'm trying to minimize watering because even though the pots have very good drainage, I think due to high humidity and plastic pots, the soil remains damp for a long while.

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