I bought a mint plant a few months ago as my first plant and have been haphazardly taking care of it as best as I can. Apparently I had not been watering it enough as I read around in various forums and also plan on giving it more light. The stem and some of the leaves are very brown and I fear it might have some form of stem rot or other fungus that will end up being the death of it.

I have a few images of it here in an imgur album https://imgur.com/a/GWZYKx8

What do you all think?


I had a similar thing happen to my mint plant. I found that the following worked

  • I took some cuttings and put the bottom in water until roots grew then planted them in the pot evenly spaced

  • Cut back any rotten/dying leaves and stems. Mint plants are quite resilient and should grow back. In the past I have had to cut mine all the way back to just a single leaf and tint bit of stem and it recovered quite well with plenty of sunlight and water.

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