After an extensive research through the web I did not seem to find a clear answer to what my acer is experiencing or how to act on it. I am not an expert and this is my fist acer, so I find myself a bit lost.

I bought it at a garden center in London (UK) in late May and I repotted it to a bigger pot right away. I follow the basic care instructions provided online and I have been correcting mistakes along the way (wrong position, too much sun, enough water, and so on), but this is a complete mystery to me. Shortly after the acer got used to its new environment, it tried to grow all the leaves lost due to the heatwave (that scorched and fell). The problem appears to be that when the new healthy green bud appears, after a few days it starts to go black and hard, until it dries out completely (see pictures).

The ones that manage to grow into small leaves follow the same fate, resulting in deformed tiny leaves that stop growing, then die.

The tree overall seems to be fine, there are no dead branches or insects. Just this odd situation with the growing of new leaves (mostly on the tip of the branches).

I would like to know what this is, if anyone has gone through something similar with their trees, and how to save the new shoots that have not been affected yet, if possible.


Branch tips More branch tips affected new leaves healthy buds Acer tree

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