I got some peperomia antoniana cuttings that I really really do not want to die and I am trying to propagate them. I placed the ends of them in soil and they were standing up fairly well earlier but now the stems are a bit limp. I know humidity is important so I put a bag over the small 2 inch starter pot after I misted them (watered the soil earlier today). A few of the leaves are wilting a tiny bit but it doesn't look terrible right now, I just don't want to get to the point of them dying. Am I doing this right? Is there anything I should/shouldn't do? I really want to keep these alive!!

  • Welcome! How about a few photos, so that we can see what exactly you are dealing with? A few more details would also be good, like when did you take the cuttings and where are they (think (sun-)light and temperature, for example). You can always edit your post as needed. – Stephie Jul 14 '20 at 13:33

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