I've got the following Epilobium in my garden that I fail to properly identify:

At first I thought that it was Epilobium parviflorum, because the flower seems similar and most of the description also fits: the ones with flowers I have are 20-70cm in height, the stem is erect, round (no distinct edge) and densely covered with hairs, the leaves are opposite, lanceolate and toothed.

However the pictures of parviflorum didn't quite match: the stem and leaves of the ones I have often have a reddish brown hue, the leaves seem even more lanceolate than parviflorum. The flowers range from pale pink or pale purple to white (maybe the pink/purple is just that faint). Also what bugs me the most is that some of the flowers I have grow in a 30yo concrete & stone wall while some others grow between said wall and the pavement's asphalt: I read that parviflorum generally prefers marshes, swamps and moist meadows while this one grows in rock and seemingly didn't have any issue with the exceptionally hot spring for the region (Brittany, France).

I wanted to dry the leaves and use them for infusions - apparently most Epilobium are safe for consumption (this one isn't really exposed to cars) and the ones that look like parviflorum seem to share the same properties. Does anyone know which species of Epilobium this is and whether it should be safe for consumption?


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