I have a problem with silver maples growing along my fence line, the sides of the house, and around the pool. Along the house and the pool they are in a 2’ border of river rock. Along the fence they are in the grass. They are also popping up behind or underneath other plants (lilacs, I believe). I do not have a larger tree that is sending roots out. A lot of these are coming up from “stumps” of previous growths in the same area that I have not managed to remove yet. Some of these are as big as 6-8” diameter, so I am thinking I need to use some sort of chemical treatment. Thanks and please let me know if there are any details I missed.


Well, I spent a lot of time looking for solutions, and came up with a few suggestions. 1 - herbicides that are recommended for woody plants (Triclopyr or Picloram as the active ingredient) are the ones that work. They take a while to work, though. The chemical should be applied to a freshly cut stump so it absorbs into the root. This is best done in the fall. I am going to do it until the damn things are gone. 2 - Dig it out. These are frequently runners from another tree. Killing these roots with chemicals may harm the tree. In my case, there is no tree to worry about. 3 - Be persistent. It takes a while, and they grow fast and furious.

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