I have been finding these tiny gray bugs all over my outside, typically near a wood pile or on wooden furniture. They are so small i can't really give much as far identifying marks, so I hope my pictures are enough...

At first I was worried they were termites, but looking at pictures of those online, it doesn't seem to be. The only thing that came close is either a silverfish, which seem larger than what I have; or some type of springtail. It says springtails are typically found inside and in high humidity places, but I am only finding them outside and while the humidity is higher this time of year I am finding them in "dry" spots (aforementioned wood piles) not damp parts of the house like a basement.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States.

Close up picture with 5x zoom: close up 5x

Close up picture with 2x zoom: close up 2x

Close up picture with 1x zoom:

close up 1x

Picture of a group: [group photo4

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