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enter image description here Hi, I've been growing Aji Amarillo in zone 3, indoor since 15, February.

It's my very first time growing chili. I only took them out when day temperature was little bit above 20, but I forgot to take them back at night for several days, below 10°C.

They didn't die luckly but one's leaves are huge and dropping buds. The other one has so many thick shoots but leaves and flowers(opened) are so small. I pruned them earlier to have more branches but I don't know which ones to be trimmed now... I cut off some overlapping leaves, can I still get fruit?

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Good thorough question & good illustrations; that was too cold for them, but they appear a bit dry, especially the less foliated one, and appear could use a Sparing amount of nutrient. Could be soil drainage too, if there isnt some gravel or something below the soil. The nutrient may help lot a to reduce the dropping.

Whether 3 to 4 cm of gravel in the bottom, the soil might be bit shallow: maybe could gently raise them up & add 4 to 5 cm soil beneath whats already there. If theyre on dishes then can know when theres enough water when it starts draining into the dish, and after a few hours they may draw some back up as needed.

They look pretty healthy, so maybe wouldnt trim them any more; and leaves will grow a bit to adjust catch more sun (phototropic). They might be two slightly different varieties, could explain some of the appearance differences. Havent ever been a big fan of pruning peppers, they grow the way they grow naturally & lots of their energy goes into the outward growth, which also produces well!

Really might want to right away give them some more soil & a bit of appropriate nutrient & there ought to be good time for them to thrive & produce fruit! Maybe need a bit of pollination activity too, to help the flowers set. Adequate watering without ever really drying out and temperature consistency help too.!

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    Thank you so much for your answer. I was thinking about to put them in grow room for temperature consistency. It was my very first time to grow chili so I'll try again. Thank you for your advice. I will put gravel and give nutrients. It has little bit of sea compost and potting soil that's it... I'll see next few weeks what's going to happen to the flower.
    – Amy Lee
    Jul 4, 2020 at 22:31
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    Thats a good idea, and receiving plenty of light! And be sparing with the nutrient, since a small amount makes a big difference yet doesnt overwhelm them. Youre very welcome!
    – M H
    Jul 4, 2020 at 23:05

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