I have an upwards migration worm composting bin that currently has three trays. In recent months, I had done a poor job ensuring that the moisture level in the top bin was reasonable, and it got out of control and got pretty wet for a while. The worms did not seem to like this.

After several weeks I was able to get the moisture under control. However, the majority of the worms are now in the bottom tray which is mostly already composted material. I don't imagine that there is a whole lot of food/resources in that bottom tray, so they must have been pretty unhappy to move down there and stay there. I also note the middle tray is pretty empty of worms as well.

Is there a good way to encourage the worms to leave the bottom tray and move back up to the top tray where the new food is?


nice interesting question. Some of them might be able to be reintroduced to the upper & middle trays manually, and then exchange some of the soil at the same time. Once theyre a bit reestablished they may begin moving around again more. The temperature or something might be more to their liking there too, so maybe check that also.

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