I have looked for examples online and see nothing that looks like this. My leaves yellowed so I pruned them as I saw suggested but then I decided to check out my roots. I want to try to save this baby but I am lost. Is it too far gone? (I have re potted directly after taking this photo)


  • Looks more dried out, how often did you water it? What kind of weather did you have when the problems started? Was it hot and dry or cold and wet? – benn Jun 30 at 20:32
  • It was inside and stayed on my kitchen counter where it could get sun from the window daily. I keep my house at around 72 currently no less. It was never below 68 in the winter. I got it at lowes in the clearance discarded pile (because it had one yellow leaf) and I wanted to save it. It did well for a good while I watered based on the touch test. If it felt dry I'd give a little water or use a glass watering globe. You know those you stick in the dirt? It even started growing a new frond! Then one day I went downstairs and all the leaves were yellow – Stephanie Gail Jul 1 at 2:09
  • I thought maybe it was getting too much sun. Then someone said I needed to let it get some outdoor sun so I did that and now here we are. I dont want to give up but dont know where to go from here 🥺 – Stephanie Gail Jul 1 at 2:11

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