I have a small greenhouse (9'x9' and 9' tall at peak) that I’d like to grow a vine inside and have it grow up through the exposed rafters. I think it would look very nice.

The vine species would:

  • Have to be planted in a large pot and run up the wall since the greenhouse floor is finished with permeable pavers, i.e., it can’t be planted into the ground.
  • Be able to handle the heat on a sunny day.
  • Be at most moderate in its water requirements.
  • Ideally be a species that flowers.

Any recommendations for vine species?

FYI: I’m in a temperate climate in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it never gets below freezing here.

  • I saw a potted wisteria in a greenhouse. Flowering and beautiful. It ran down a center rod in the green house; must have been 40 feet long. Jun 29, 2020 at 23:40

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There are many fun climbing plants to choose from. ~

Morning Glory (Great for a variety of colors)

Moonflowers (the large, white blooms only open at night)

Climbing Hydrangea


Wisterias (these are very dramatic flowering vines)

I have grown most of those plants in large containers. I haven't grown the Climbing Hydrangeas myself but I have seen several people grow them successfully in large container pots.


Jasmine might be excellent great effloration too, or climbing flowers might be good, either annuals or perennials, or, maybe some cherry tomatoes of a strain which just keeps growing, Jasmine & tomatoes grow well together; might be able to keep the tomatoes year round, and get some delicious tomatoes too: theyre quite atractive actually, and have nice little flowers, and the fruits are colourful: might need to pollinate them with a little brush if nothing there to pollinate them or little wind movement action

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    I currently have a tomato plant in my greenhouse that I've been pollinating with a small brush. So far, it seems to be working since tomatoes are starting to grow. Jul 3, 2020 at 17:06

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