My tomato plants (don't know which species exactly) when they grow about half a meter tall begin curling inwards their bigger leaves. They're about 5 months old, isn't that too short for them to be dying already? plus I haven't even gotten any tomatoes yet. I live in Qatar which is a sunny and hot desert, perhaps that might have had an effect on the tomato plant? here is a photo of a late stage tomato who's biggest leaves seem to have nearly died, and a younger one who's just begun to have its leaves curling inward:

older tomato

younger tomato

they both still have some green leaves which might mean it's not too late yet no?

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Curling leaves on a tomato plant can be caused by several things:

  1. It can be a viral infection transmitted by white flies (I'm not sure if you see anything like white flies near your plants?)
  2. Tomato plants can also be triggered into a defense mode caused by certain environment conditions such as excessive high temperatures, uneven watering, or long periods of dry/arid conditions.

In your photos, it looks like you have your tomatoes in 1 gallon pots -- which are rather small for tomatoes. You also mentioned you're in Qatar which is a hot arid region coupled with the small pots can be the root of your problem. I typically grow tomatoes in 5+ gallon pots and would definitely recommend that to you being in the hot arid region. The soil in pots can easily dry out on a hot day within hours and you may need to water several times a day to maintain the appropriate moisture level. This article has some helpful tips on growing tomatoes in pots.


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