I am assembling a sprinkler system for my gardens and decided to use these standard lawn sprinkler nozzles as they are pretty cheap and seem to do what I want, however I can't find anywhere what the thread type is on them.

I contacted Orbit and their rep told me they are a half inch NPT thread, but after purchasing and receiving them they are definitely not. The diameter is smaller than a 1/2" NPT and larger than a 1/4" and the thread is finer than both and appears to have no taper like a NPT thread does.

Does anybody know what thread these things use?


Any of the dozen or so types I have are 1/2 NPS, maybe a couple of 3/4 . Some male some female. Smaller than 1/2 sounds like a drip irrigation system. Some heads come as a body( 1/2 NPS)and a separate spray nozzle, these spray nozzles have smaller than 1/2 threads.

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  • These are the head type that separates from the body. I am fairly sure that they are not NPS as I believe NPS threads have the same pitch as a corresponding NPT thread and the threads on the ones i have are much finer than even a 1/4" NPT. – PGmath Jun 13 at 15:44

This is not designed to be used on its own.

It is a replacement spray head nozzle for an in-ground pop-up sprinkler. The thread is not some standard thread like NPT, it is a proprietary thread that is on the rising tube of a pop-up sprinkler by specific manufacturers.

Return it to whoever sold it to you and buy a spray head designed to be used on its own; it will likely be called a "shrub sprayer head" or something like that.

enter image description here:

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  • I know it's not designed to be used on its own. But if I know the thread dimensions I can easily buy or make an adapter. Like I said, these things were cheaper than the alternatives by a fair amount which is why I opted for them. It's also not really propriatery as it's used by multiple manufacturers, so I am super puzzled as to why it is seemingly impossible to find the specifications on it. – PGmath Jun 14 at 16:07
  • It is not a "standard" plumbing thread and you will not find fittings or adapters that will work with it. It was proprietary (Rain Bird) until these later manufacturers (Hunter, Orbit) adopted it. Do yourself a favor and spend $1.00 more and get the sprayers that are designed to screw directly to pipe risers, these are just pop-up sprinkler nozzles, not a complete product, but a part. – Jimmy Fix-it Jun 14 at 16:40
  • It's a standard in that multiple companies use it. And for my application comparable solutions are more than $1 in price difference, I also am not super keen on waiting another couple weeks for more parts to arrive. I can easily make an adapter if none really exists if I know what the thread is but I don't have the capability to measure the thread myself given the geometry of the inside of the part. – PGmath Jun 14 at 16:55

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