My water spinach plants are covered with these spikes. They are hard when I poke at them with a knife. They are mostly on the underside of leaves but sometimes also break to the topside. The leaves are still green.

Does anyone know what kind of fungus/pest that my poor plants have? I tried removing infected leaves and spraying pure castile soap but the spikes continued to grow afterwards.

white spike underside of water spinach leaves

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I think it might be Galls. Galls is a plant's reaction to an irritant, usually some type of mites. Sort of like how an oyster will create a pearl around a grain of sand irritating it.

Since you are having an ongoing problem with new leaves becoming affected, then the irritant is likely still on your plants. Since mites are usually the cause of galls, you can try one of the natural, organic miticides on the market. I have never used any commercial miticides, so I can't recommend any of them.

I had this problem with a Ficus Benjamina. I used my 'Big Gun' spray on it and the problem stopped. If you would like to try my 'Big Gun' spray, mix a few drops of Dawn dish liquid, about a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and distilled water in a spray bottle. I use this spray mixture to get rid of spider mites.

** As with using any spray on a plant for the first time, spray test leaf, wait 48 hours and check for any adverse reaction on the test leaf. **

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I think it is white rust. Wikipedia recommends destroying the whole crop :-(

When infection is recognized, systemically infected plant material (including culled crops) should be completely removed and destroyed.

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