I inherited a mystery house plant that I assumed was some type of aloe. Honestly I wasn't too worried about it (it seemed happy and pretty enough😅) until it got these yellow growths where the leaves meet the stem. I've never seen it before and the rest of the plant seems to be business as usual. Can anyone identify the problem and/or the plant? I'd be happy with either at this point!

Thank you for your help.


Please enjoy the ecstatic and grumpy orchids in the background.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

*enter image description here*

  • Couple of queries - how long has it been in the same pot, and how much direct sunlight does it receive? – Bamboo May 23 at 15:23
  • Thank you for replying! It was repotted maybe 6mos ago as it needed a larger pot. And no direct sunlight. It's in a very sunny bathroom thanks to the skylight, but tucked away from direct light due to the angle of the roof. – katie ras May 24 at 20:03

Those are roots! Most likely because you have it where the humidity is high. Great time to propagate if you want! ❤️

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  • Ooh that's good to keep in mind. I'll try to get this one repotted before I start adding juniors😆 – katie ras May 25 at 19:57

I think your plant is an aloe of some variety - its growing rather haphazardly, probably because of the lack of direct daylight.

The brown things are adventitious roots, which may well be a signal that the plant is not entirely happy with its growing conditions, and the roots will grow longer in an attempt to locate themselves in better conditions. They also do better in non transparent pots, just an ordinary pot with drainage holes will do.

Care instructions here https://www.almanac.com/plant/aloe-vera but note that not all Aloes are Aloe vera - I am not sure which yours is because it's so leggy, so don't use the juice from cut leaves if you are not sure of the variety.

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  • Oh that all sounds quite fixable! I'll be repotting and moving it. Hopefully that helps it out. Thank you for the advice and pouting me in the right direction.😊 – katie ras May 25 at 19:55

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