First year we have seen these, pics attached below. Only have one of the plant I thought was teasel, but I was told it was not. The second plant is in three different beds with multiple encounters. Any assistance identifying them would be appreciated.

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enter image description here

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    Did you mean to show two images? Only one is visible. A single leaf is thin information for an identification; if you have a picture of the plant in situ that would be better. – Colin Beckingham May 20 at 20:58

This one looks like Lactuca serriola, commonly known as prickly lettuce, compass plant, or milk thistle. As Colin states, a single leaf can be problematic for identification purposes, but I've seen enough of it that I would bet that's what this is. If it is, get rid of it now. It develops a dandelion-like seed head and will become a chronic pest.

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