I have had a gold fruit palm in my apartment for over a year now, and it has always been happy and healthy. Recently I have begun fertilising it once a week or so with a (German) liquid palm fertiliser, carefully following the instructions.

A week or so after I started (give or take), white granules appeared at the tips of most of the leaves (see photos). When I brush it off, it feels like salt (i.e., like tiny crystals).

Does anyone know:

  1. What it is?
  2. What is causing it?

Is it possible to over-fertilising a potted house palm? Attempting to translate, the ingredients of the fertiliser are:

  • 2.6% Nitrate
  • 2.6% Ammonium
  • 1.8% Carbamide/urea (CO(NH2)2)
  • 3.0% Phosphate (P2O5)
  • 5.0% K2O

Close-up of two leaf tips

One side of the plant, showing more leaf tips

  • It looks like mineral deposits to me. Do you mist or spray this plant with water? – Tim Nevins May 18 '20 at 22:30
  • No, I only water it using a watering can, pouring water directly onto the soil in the pot. – Tempest16 May 19 '20 at 5:08

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