I've noticed that after a month or so since buying, leaves of my Hypoestes phyllostachya is becoming brown and then dry out and colors are somewhat fading. I keep it in front of a south side window, that is a little bit open and shady. The weather is cold here.I water it whenever the soil gets dried, every week or 10 day. What do you recommend?there she is

Hi again, as you can see in these photos they lost so many leaves during this year, I don't know what's wrong, they continue to grow vertically with just two or three leaves at the top, and while having new leaves, the older ones start drying out. I kept them in shadow and their soil moisture. Can anybody help please? enter image description here

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According to this page, you should keep the soil moist during the growing season. Perhaps you're letting it dry out a bit too much.


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