enter image description here My Sago palm has suddenly developed a lot of yellowish spots on all the leaves, topside only. I found no pests on it at least that i could see. What can it be?

  • Can you add a photo and a bit more detail please - what part of the world are you in? Is the plant in a pot indoors our outside. If outside, is it in the ground? And how long have you had the plant? – Bamboo May 7 at 0:15
  • Hello, I'm in Portugal and the sago plant is outside in the ground. I planted it 3 years ago – Maria May 9 at 9:03

I have about 10 Segos in E. TX,I just looked and found mine have similar spots. But mine have fewer,from 50% to only 10% of the numbers of spots yours has. I see no pests. No answer; but a crazy guess- We had a hail storm about 6 weeks ago , my three largest segos are protected under trees and have the least spots ( less than 10% yours). Have you had hail ?

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  • Yes, I had a big thunderstorm with hail, and in fact I only noticed the spots after that. The more protected leaves are fine, like the new ones. Is it possible that it damage from the hail as you say? – Maria May 12 at 9:17
  • Either hail or surprising coincidence. – blacksmith37 May 12 at 14:01

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