I found this plant on the floor it was snapped off its pot. So I took home and rooted it

Now it has roots I decided to propagate it but I still don’t know what it is!

Any help would be appreciated enter image description here


Most likely Pothos (Epipremnum) yes, though at this stage, it's not impossible it might be the Sweetheart Plant, Philodendron scandens http://www.houseplantsguru.com/sweetheart-plant-philodendron-scandens. It's easy to tell them apart as they grow on a bit - the latter plant has leaves which are broader at the base narrowing down to a distinctive central point, whereas Pothos has narrower leaves at the base. Although there is quite a broad leaf in front at the bottom of your photo, it does not appear to be quite the proper heartshape, which makes Pothos the more likely.

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