I have small papaya plant in my balcony. I had two plants in my balcony. One of which was the smaller one died after lots of white insects on that. Now I can see some insects on other plant as well. Please suggest how to remove it. I am located in west part of India.And whether is around 35 degree with bright sun.enter image description here

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Good photo, very helpful. This looks like mealybugs which are a known problem on papaya in India. There is a wiki page and there are many pages describing remedies. The big problem for home gardeners is that there are many host plants which can be sources of continuous infection; you may control it for now but they will be back very soon. If you only have one or a couple of plants and are looking for entertainment you can very frequently inspect and remove with a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, but if you are successful papaya can grow large and it will be an increasing problem.

  • I tried to swab with cotton, and it went for 1-2 days but yes it back again. But I can see some big plants of Papaya successfully giving fruits in garden very near to balcony. Isn't this issue occur to that. May 3, 2020 at 16:00

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