My dracaena has started to develop some brown leaf tips and white spots all over the plant, i transplanted the tree into a bigger pot about a week ago and ever since it’s been developing those spots. The tree has indirect sunlight and I water it once a week, but not with tap water. I don’t know the soil pH because I don’t have a tester since i’m new to gardening. I’ve moved it into a different room about a day ago to see if the room that it was in was somehow affecting it but no changes. The temperature stays at a constant 73-75 degrees inside my house. Please help me figure out what’s wrong.


Whole plant and pot

  • Can you add another photo showing the whole plant and its pot please? – Bamboo Apr 27 at 21:16
  • Yes I will do that – Anthony Maina Apr 28 at 2:06
  • Is the root material visible on top of the potting soil in the second photo actually roots off the plant/s? And lastly, is that a pot with drainage holes, or a self watering pot? – Bamboo Apr 28 at 13:06
  • No it’s not visible, That are just dead leaves from the soil, it’s a self watering but i don’t use the self watering part, I water it from the top and let it drain out – Anthony Maina Apr 28 at 18:14
  • do you know what’s wrong? it has gotten worse the leaves are brown on the first 2-3 inches on the tips – Anthony Maina May 4 at 16:42

Okay, so you repotted into proper potting soil but added compost to it? If the compost was not produced using a hot aerobic system, it may have introduced pathogens into the soil mix - potting soil is sterilised to prevent this possibility. If you're unsure as to the production method of the compost, it might be best to decant the plant, remove as much soil as possible without breaking the roots, then repot into a clean, well scrubbed pot just using potting soil on its own.

Check the plant and its leaves thoroughly (you may need a magnifying glass) for spider mites in case it's got an infestation - they can cause yellowing and streaking of leaves. Otherwise, you may not be watering enough - it should be watered when the surface of the soil feels just about dry to the touch, then watered well, with the excess allowed to drain away freely from the base. Otherwise, dry air can cause brown tips on these plants, but not usually the yellowing and streaking.

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  • Oh alright thank you, I will do what you said, and tell you if it works. – Anthony Maina May 5 at 21:48

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