I did a small quarantine experiment with some overripe grape tomatoes that I need some tips on. I managed to harvest the seeds and plant them and voila! Over 50 tomato sprouts. Now the question is...what is the next step with these spouts? Texas summer is coming and I hope they can survive. I am not sure if I should be repotting them so they aren't clustered together or start planting them directly into the soil. Tips appreciated!

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You will need to prick them out into individual small pots and grow them on into small plants before planting outdoors in the ground. Select the strongest looking seedlings to transplant if you have too many, and some potting soil to grow them on, preferably a seed and cutting potting soil initially. As they grow, move into larger pots with ordinary potting soil, then plant outside when they are a good size,around 8 inches tall with sideshoots.

If you're growing them on indoors, you will need to harden the plants off before planting outside so they have a chance to acclimatize to the new, outdoor conditions.

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