Mornings folks! I inherited this plant from an office that was closing down. I’m hoping someone can help identify the plant so that I can look into proper care.
It needs to be repotted for sure as it’s currently a leaning tower. Thanks so much! enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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This plant looks like a Dracaena fragrans or corn plant in English. It is pretty neglected. I think the main problem with this plant is that it outgrew the container, and it needs a much bigger one with fresh potting soil. Be sure the container has good drainage, that is with holes in the bottom.

The Corn plant is further a pretty easy plant, you can forget to water it once in a while, and it can stand in a spot with indirect sunlight.

What you could do is to transplant it to a bigger container, and you could try to prune it a little (but if you don't mind the current state of the leaves, pruning is not necessary). Here some detailed care instructions found on the net.

In time this could become your favorite plant! Good luck.

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