I bought a string of pearls plant online. when the plant arrived, the soil was quite moist. But still, I didn't want to repot the plant, because I thought I should give some time to the plant to be habituated with the new environment.

After 2-3 days, I saw that the plant is drying from bottom up and the peas are looking mushy. So I removed the plant from the soil and to my surprise, I saw that it was basically planted to something which felt like a piece of sponge and it was still quite wet even after 3-4 days of not watering.

Now, this plant is dying. So, what I did was remove the plant from this sponge-like material and cut all the dead branches and put it in proper cacti-succulent soil and put it inside an indoor greenhouse.

My question is: did I do the right thing? is putting inside a greenhouse okay for succulents that are dying for overwatering?

P.S: Please let me know if you need some more information on this to answer

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