I am not sure because the two opposite leaves are not on super short stems, but can I be absolutely sure that it is not? Note: I got poison ivy blisters while working in my yard, but nobody was able to find poison ivy plants.

Pictures taken in March in Boston area. enter image description here enter image description here

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That looks like an epimedium (perhaps Epimedium rubrum), not poison ivy.

PI typically has bat-wing style leaves, although it can be very variable. All leaflets tend to be the same size, or close to it, unlike what you've pictured. The color is also somewhat off for spring foliage (it should eb a brighter red).ut then again, it's variable.


Were you digging ? I got a bad case of poison oak while planting things in fill soil containing poison oak roots, no leaves. Photo leaves don't look much like ivy either ( osmanthus seedlings ?). Ivy does not have the little needles along the margins. In E TX where ivy is very common , the look-alike that stops me occasionally is Virginia Creeper. Could you have been exposed to poison Sumac ?

  • I guess it must have been roots, because nobody was able to find poison ivy in the yard, and it sounds like the pictures I sent aren't poison ivy either. I wish there was a definitive way of telling what this thing is to be 100% sure. Is there a way to recognize poison ivy roots?
    – Manu
    Mar 17, 2020 at 12:27

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