6 months ago, I planted the climbing beans in a container. They started growing beans since last month. We had like 2 harvest of maybe 40-50 beans. It is still growing beans but but now the leaves started having some white spots, doesn't look right. On google search, seems to be some fungus infection. Or is it the random weather condition. Any idea, how to cure it? .

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

  • A photo of the underside of leaves may help. It seems like very small aphids or white flies, possibly red spider-mite (though mites, not true spiders). Do you have white flies flying around each time you shake the leaves? or thrips? omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/facts/14-001.htm Feb 11 '20 at 10:24

Sucking creatures. Each dot is one wound. That is mites or aphids etc. I garden in Melbourne. At this stage not a problem, and with not much solution.

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