Our 4 week old Click & Grow Basil pods are sprouting nicely, and suddenly we have a tiny white bug infestation! How to get rid of them? Don't want to use chemicals as we plan to consume the basil, and cannot rinse under water faucet since the pods are encased in the Click & Grow housing. We live in CT and it's winter (about 12-20 degrees outside, and 67 degrees inside). Where did the bugs come from - non-sterile soil? Helpful tips appreciated!

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    Hello Beth. Sorry to hear about your infestation. Can you please post pictures of these bugs. Also a picture of a Click & Grow unit for those unfamiliar with this product. And possibly a description of what a Click & Grow is? Anything to help. Thank you.
    – GardenGems
    Jan 23 '20 at 2:27

Given your plants are still seedlings it's best to cut your losses and start again.

The soil may have already been contaminated before you ever brought them home.

There is an organic solution but... Small seedlings may not be able to handle diluted oil

I know it takes ages to get it started but it sounds like it's time to press the reset button :)

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