I have an avacado tree that I grew from a pit. The tree is about a foot and a half tall and has 3 big green leaves on it. It's been the same way for about 3 months now and is not growing anymore leaves. The leaves that are there are drooping but big. Is there a problem with the tree or is this normal.

  • hello Linda. Welcome. Where are you located? Is it winter at the moment? Is it in a pot or in water? Do you have a grow light for it? Can you post some pictures? To add a picture hit the edit link below your question. – GardenGems Jan 20 '20 at 23:57

It sounds like its unhappy, Plants usually slow down growth for a number of reasons some of which are listed below:

1) low light amounts.

2) low nutrition.

3) wrong temperature or humidity.

4) infestation or diseases some times both at the same time.

5) dormancy as some plants need a some time being dormant but not all.

We need a photo or further info to accurately diagnose the issue.

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