(for some reason it won't upload my pictures, so I will try to add later today; or or look at this link because I was able to post the photos on this site: https://garden.org/thread/view/119484/New-Kentia-Palm-Browning/)

Bought a roughly 5' tall Kentia Palm about 3.5 weeks ago and it looked fine until I checked it a week ago (I care for someone else's plants so I only see them weekly). It has 2 smaller shorter fronds that have browned from the tips back towards the soil. They are dry too. Another one was yellowing in the same way. A number of tips were browning or yellowing but mostly on the smaller shorter leaves. The larger taller ones seem fine on the whole, though those had some dry brown tips. Some of the brown tips were curling in on the edges.

I had potted it up 2 weeks ago (which I now realize may have been a mistake... Would it be better to pot it down again??? It went from a probably 10-12" pot to a 16" and the soil was pretty generic potting soil, though I mixed in some cactus soil I had to help with keeping the soil from getting too dense) into a self-watering pot. These pots come with a sensor you can place higher or lower to affect how much water it takes in, plus it works by suction when the sensor gets dry, so it's not just sitting in water in theory. It's winter here and the sensor is sitting low, plus my soil probe indicates that it's pretty dry. I tried a moisture meter, which indicates that the new soil is pretty damp and the original soil dry, but I know these meters can be inaccurate.

However I know it's been taking in a decent amount of water every week because I also measure the water level directly by sticking a wooden dowel down the fill tube and measuring the moisture on it. The bigger taller fronds seem healthy on the whole though I see some light splotchy yellowing on the tips of one and some small browning tips on two others. The smaller fronds have browned from the leaf tip down the stem. It's in an extremely large north facing window, so I would think it's getting enough indirect light, but maybe not? I can't move it if that's the case though (or at least not without a hassle).

Any thoughts??? I'll be back in 5 days so hopefully someone can help before then (or even today). I desperately want to keep this plant to live.

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    I see you have already asked this same question on another forum and got a good answer that kentia's don't like to be repotted. – kevinsky Jan 17 at 16:14

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