the leaves unfurl in a deformed manner, it can curl in or out. Some parts of the leaf are translucent at time. I cant see any bugs

The leaves unfurl in a deformed manner, it will unfurl in a unusual shape, or be crinkled or translucent in some parts. I cant see any bugs, however it typically only happens on new leaves. I apply a fertilizer however it doesn't seem to do much

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    Can you add another photo showing the whole plant and preferably its pot please – Bamboo Dec 11 '19 at 12:23

tip burn! it looks like fertilizer burn but it may not be your fault!

the cold weather could affect nutrition uptake as well as evaporation from the leaves the leaves could be drying out from low humidity or excessive evaporation from a fan/radiator

check your ph tap water is around 8 depending on chlorine content.

this plant requires very little nutrition so any decent potting soil will be fine. also it is liable to change from variegated to plain leaves if given strong direct sun light.

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