I cross many of my hybrid & species aloes with other hybrid &/or species aloes. I have never been able to use Aloe 'Firebird' successfully as the male or the female. It has never pollinated another Aloe, no matter whether it is a species or hyrbid. I have also never had any success getting it to accept pollen from any other aloe.

I grow all my Aloe indoors, so the cross pollination is done by hand, so I know what pollen is going to what plants. Actually, I have never been able to determine if 'Firebird' is even capable of making pollen. If so it is very little. Never enough to see floating in the air. It does appear on occassion to leave a substance of some kind on the brush, but that may not be pollen.

Other things that make me think it is a sterile hybrid. It blooms often, much more often than any of my other Aloes at least four, five or six times a year. The individual blossoms last much longer on 'Firebird' than my other Aloes. Both of these are traits that you often find in sterile plants. This is why so many 'summer annuals' tend to bloom a lot and for a long time. They are often sterile, without successfully making seeds, it will try again and again. Each flower last longer waiting for it to mature. But, sterile flowers never mature.

My question is simple. Does anyone know if Aloe 'Firebird' is 100% sterile?

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