There are many while sacs adhered to the branches of a Lilly Pilly.

white sacs

Their sizes are between half a cm to one.

Here is the plant itself

enter image description here

What are these white sacs? I broke one of them and all I can see is some form of liquid.


Looks like white wax scale infestation - you may or may not have noticed ants on the plant as well, coming for the honeydew they produce. As the infestation progresses, you may find the plant develops sooty mould, which is also related to the presence of this pest.

From what I've read, I believe in Australia you have something called 'white oil' which is a treatment for this pest, but most mature plants are able to withstand the presence of this pest. Further information here https://www.searlesgardening.com.au/australian-native-pests-and-diseases

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