or can it be washed cleaned & sifted it and used? I do this with shale rock and it works. Is Diatomite to crumbly? I can get diatomite rock, but I do not want to buy it if it's unusable. This is my preferred method

Part 2

If I can not use pure non-calcined diatomite, I also have access to 100% calcined diatomite w/no additives. I've read calcined diatomite has crystalline silica, which is dangerous to breathe. Is it any more dangerous than perlite dust, which is dangerous after breathing high amounts day after day. The Calcined Diatomite I found says on the bag, it's safe to use, 100% Diataomaceous Earth. Or is it a danger in the soil?

I'll use it outside. I water down perlite before I use it (cuts out the dust.) I can do the same here. Once it's in the soil what is the danger?


There is a size of pumice that we are not able to get, not for many months on Vancouver Island. (about to run out of the other size as well.) I am looking for a substitute. I already use perlite & Black Pumice (Scoria). I have started to substitute the pumice part with Calcined Clay. It might absorb water and liquid nutrients, but it lack the porous nature of pumice, scoria, & diatomite.

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