I have four smooth sumac root cuttings. One has sprouted leafy growth and is growing vigorously but the other three have done nothing. There are several variables between the one that sprouted and the other three that have not, and I am trying to figure out what might be wrong.

For the one that sprouted, I stuck it in a pot with a mix of potting soil and peat moss and put it under a grow light that's on for 18 hours a day. I left about half an inch of the cutting sticking out of the top of the soil. I watered it when the soil started to get dry and I would spray the top of the cutting with water a few times a day. It took 14 days from the time I made the cutting to when I first noticed new leafy growth.

The other three cuttings came from a different plant that I thought had nicer berry clusters. They were from a single root that I cut into three pieces. I planted them the the same way as the first cutting, but this time I used 100% potting soil instead of mixing it with peat moss. They've been under the same grow light as the first cutting. It's now been over 4 weeks and none of them have shown any kind of activity. I ended up digging them out to see if they had at least sprouted roots, but I found nothing. The potting soil had gotten fairly compacted though which as of now is my primary suspect for why they aren't growing. The cuttings are all still alive so I cut the tops and bottoms of them off and replanted them in a potting soil and peat moss mix. That was a few days ago.

I'm curious if there's anything else I should do or if there's something else that could have prevented the cuttings from growing. The two big differences are the different soils and that they came from different plants. But I'm surprised these cuttings haven't started growing since sumac seems to thrive pretty much anywhere.

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