I would like to grow plants in an indoor garden on fleece mats like used in this video: Aero Farms indoor growing . Where can I find these "reusable cloth"? They should be suitable form multiple growing periodes.

When I looked this up online, I could only find products that prevent plants from growing thrue. Does anyone have experience with this and can give me some tips?


Nice idea. You'll have to be careful buying. Fleece: "the coat of wool covering a wool-bearing animal (such as a sheep)." There's a lot of "fiber fill" out there these days. Usually made from some water repelling strands. None that I've seen (wife makes pillows/quilts) will soak up water the way you want. Quilts used to come with wool fleece, when people used them to stay warm at night instead of hanging them on a wall. Looks like "fleece fabric" will get you sources of what you want. Not sure what country you are in, so I can't begin to make a recommendation. Check the descriptions carefully to ensure that you are ordering washed, felted wool, or at least untreated cotton. It might be best to give the company a call before ordering, as there lots of hydrophobic synthetics sold for "fleece". That is not what you want. The stuff has got to get soggy (hydrophillic). For durability, wool is a better choice than cotton.

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