I'm trying to pick a type of grass for my backyard lawn. I've researched some on Wikipedia such as:

Kikuyu grass:

Kentucky Bluegrass:

Bermuda Grass:

But still don't know which is best for an Arizona (USA) backyard. I've had the guy from the nursery come out and look but he's never heard of Kikuyu grass so is not much help.

Anyone out there have experience with multiple grass types in Phoenix, AZ?

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    Have you had a soil analysis done? How much do you want to have to water? I'd check with your local extension office to make sure something like kikuyu is not considered invasive in your area.
    – wax eagle
    Jul 27, 2012 at 2:50

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You should look into Buffalo Grass. It sounds perfect for Arizona.

  • It's drought resistant, so you won't have to water it too much.
  • It's heat resistant, so it won't melt in your hot, hot summers.
  • It's cold resistant, so it won't freeze on your frosty mornings.

Also it's pretty hard to kill. Here are some Buffalo Grass blogs from Phoenix

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