Looks like sun damage to me. Or is it something else?

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


It might be sun damage if its been in full, hot sun all day for a while, but otherwise, there's some kind of white insect on it, and white fluffy deposits. Check backs of leaves and woody parts, because it might be scale insect infestation; also check the white deposits with a magnifying glass. Treat for scale/mealybug if its that - you can wipe off the fluffy white bits with a cloth, but any hard scale attached to stems will need a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud or a cloth to get them off. Neem oil spray also controls scale.

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  • Thanks Bamboo. I have put it under indirect light now. Will report back if these marks appear again. – 4-K Sep 22 '19 at 13:32
  • I have moved the plant to shade and the problem is gone. Thanks! – 4-K Nov 13 '19 at 16:17

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