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I bought my monsters about 2 months ago from my local Home Depot. When I bought it all the leaves were perfect and green. A month after buying it it started to get brown spots on the leaves and a little bit of yellowing. I thought the problem was because I still had it in it’s original pot so I repotted It. I put it in a bigger pot and recently the leaves are getting more brown spots and the new growth are turning yellow. The plant gets light from my window reflecting off my mirror. I water it when the top soil is dry. I don’t know what is wrong.


This does not look like fungal disease or a pest problem, i would assume that your plant is stressed after being repotted. I recommend removing all corrupted leaves and allow the plant to regenerate.

  • Change in daylength hits this plant pretty hard too. That damage looks a lot like what you have. It's Fall. – Wayfaring Stranger Sep 15 at 22:24

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